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A guide for external workers using a Limited Company on managing IR35 within Worksome

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Getting yourself IR35-ready in Worksome

1. Head to your IR35 settings in Worksome
(Tip: click the menu on your profile photo, in the bottom left-hand side corner)

2. Complete your default answers for IR35
The answers you provide here will be automatically applied to IR35 Status Determinations on new contracts. If your situation changes you should go back and review your default answers.

(Tip: Select the question mark for a helpful definition of the questions)

The last question here, regarding Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance, refers to whether you have personal insurance or not. If you do, you will just need to attach proof of your PI insurance policy.

If you are operating through an LTD and therefore subject to IR35, we do recommend having your own PI insurance, as it will support your case in the IR35 determination, that you are in fact self-employed.

And that's it! Your default IR35 settings are ready :-)

Determining the IR35 Status of your Contract

1. IR35 status on your Contracts

When you are offered a contract in Worksome, that is subject to IR35, your client will have a set of questions to answer about the work. This, combined with the default answers you have provided above, will create the Status Determination result.

You will be able to see the IR35 details in your Conversation for your job in Worksome:

Important Note: Once your client has fully completed the Status Determination for your contract, this section will update to show you the determination result.

Hit Review and Accept Contract to review the contract terms:

2. Accepting the Contract

Here you can review the contract details, and accept:

3. Status Determination Statement (SDS)

Once you have accepted the contract, you'll be able to download the Status Determination Statement (SDS).

If the SDS result shows as 'Pending', your client hasn't completed the determination yet:

If the SDS result shows as 'Determination Done', you will be able to download a copy of the statement:

Once the determination is complete, and you have accepted the contract, you can start creating bills on the job in Worksome whenever you're ready.

If you have more questions about IR35, check out our dedicated FAQs:
Worksome's IR35 Guide for External Workers

Or feel free to reach out on our live chat in the lower right corner. We're happy to help!

Note: If you disagree with the IR35 determination result, and can produce material evidence to support your grounds for a revised determination, you can file a dispute. Follow the guide below:
Procedure for disputing an IR35 INSIDE determination

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