See our guide on creating a bill, written step-by-step 📝!

1. Check that you have accepted your contract for the job

To be able to submit a bill to your client, you first need to have received a contract offer from them. So first step - make sure you've got a contract offer & have accepted! ✅

2. Hit "Create Bill"

Once you've accepted your contract, you'll see you now have a "Create Bill" button available on the job. You can create a bill directly from your dashboard or in your Job Conversation with your client:

3. Fill in your Bill Details

When creating a bill, you'll see you have a few simple fields to complete, all in one easy screen:

The important fields to remember are...

Add your Billing Dates (the time period you are billing 'from' and 'to').

Add the Number of Days/Amount you are billing for.

The rate will auto-populate with your agreed contract rate, simply enter the number of days you are billing for, and the bill total will calculate for you.

If for any reason you need to bill for an amount different to your agreed rate (and your client has agreed so), you can 'select fixed budget or custom amount'.

Need to add overtime pay to your bill?

Here's a short guide on how to add overtime pay.

Add your Timesheet

Be sure to enter a timesheet for your bill. You have 3 ways to do this in Worksome:

- You can upload a file (a screenshot from your client's timesheet system if applicable).

- You can use our in-built timesheet.

- You can use our text field to simply write your timesheet information.

4. Send Your Bill

Once you've filled in all required fields, please ensure you double-check your bill total.

And if you're ready to go, hit Send Bill!

After a few seconds, you'll then be able to see the bill in your Job Conversation, and also follow updates on your Billing dashboard. You'll see you can also download a copy of the bill, or invoice (if needed for your records):

5. Getting Paid

Once your bill has been paid, you'll receive a notification from Worksome.

Head to your Account Balance to view your funds, and Withdraw them to your bank! 💸

For your very first payment in Worksome, you do need to login and Withdraw them to your bank. This is just to double-check your bank details are all correct ✅

During this step, you'll be able to enable automatic withdrawals for all future payments, so they can go right to your bank account 💸

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure you have the right bank details saved in Worksome when your payment is due. If you want to check or update your bank details, you can do so here:

Removing a Bill

Made a mistake on your bill, and need a do-over?

If the bill has not yet been approved by your client, you can cancel it. Check out our guide here for removing a bill in Worksome.

Any queries?

Just hit the chat button to your right to chat with the Worksome Support team, or email

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