1. Check your bid is accepted

And that you have accepted the job yourself

2. Confirm availability

3. Create bill

Once you have confirmed your availability, to get payed you must create a bill.

You can create a bill directly from your dashboard or from the conversation with the employer.

4. Add a timesheet

When creating a bill, make sure that you enter a timesheet. You can do this by uploading a file, or simply entering the info to a text field, or into our own timesheet table. Please ensure you doublecheck the total before you send the bill...

5. Send bill

Once you've created a bill, hit send bill and you should be able to see it in the conversation with the hirer. Once the bill has been sent you can download a copy of the invoice from your records.

6. Review

Once you have completed a job on Worksome we will ask you to review the company and the project. The company is also able to give you a rating that will be visible to future employers on your profile.

7. Check your balance

Once a company has paid the bill, you will receive an SMS alert. You can then head to your Worksome dashboard, and see how much you are owed. Click on your balance to add bank details and get paid.

8. Update bank info and withdraw

Need to add overtime pay to your bill?

Here is a short guide on how to add overtime pay.

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