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Dashboard for Bills & timesheets + Invoices
Dashboard for Bills & timesheets + Invoices

Payment related dashboards explained

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Depending on what role and permissions you have, you will be able to see some or all bills and invoices that belongs to your companies Worksome account.

If you click on "Bills & Timesheets", you will be able to filter bills. Most companies use this dashboard as an overview of their unapproved bills - and to have a good overview of what needs to be approved. We have markets the boxes at the top to show what you can filter by.

From this dashboard you can view a summary per each bill by hovering over the "bill" row, you can add and edit PO #'s on bills before they are approved, view timesheets and invoices (if the bill has been approved). You can also take action from here: Approve, decline or pay bills!

When a bill has been approved, an invoice will be generated and sent automatically to the accounting email that has been provided in your company payment settings. Please note that no invoice is generated for unapproved or rejected bills. If something would be wrong with the bill (maybe the wrong rate was used fx), please reach out to the external worker via the conversation as they have the opportunity to edit the bill before you can review again and approve.

If you click on "Invoices", you will be able to filter and find all invoices.

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