Editing a Bill in Worksome

To be able to edit a bill that was sent to your client, you first need to have sent a bill to them. So first step - make sure you've submitted a bill! ✅

1. Head over to your jobs in your dashboard

Your dashboard will showcase any clients you have a conversation with in “Your jobs in Worksome”

2. Hit the job name to enter the conversation

Once you are inside the conversation with the client, you can view any bills that you have submitted.

3. Hit “Edit bill”

You can hit “Edit bill” to make any changes to a bill that was submitted.

Important: You will only be able to see the Edit bill button if a bill has not been approved yet.

When editing a bill, you’ll be able to make any changes needed. (Timeframe, Number of days, PO Numbers, Expense Reports, Timesheets, or any notes)

4. Save Your Bill

Once you've filled in all required fields, please ensure you double-check your bill total.

And if you're ready to go, hit Save Bill!

After a few seconds, you'll then be able to see the bill in your Job Conversation, and also follow updates on your Billing dashboard. You'll see you can also download a copy of the bill, or invoice (if needed for your records)

Any queries?

Just hit the chat button to your right to chat with the Worksome Support team, or email hello@worksome.com.

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