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Using Worksome with an Umbrella company β›±οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Using Worksome with an Umbrella company β›±οΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

If you want to use an umbrella company as an external worker, here's a guide to getting that set up on Worksome!

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Worksome supports payments to many different external umbrella companies in the UK, that you may want to use. Our only requirement, is that your chosen Umbrella must be either FCSA, Professional Passport or PayePass accredited. Umbrella companies that have one of the above accreditations, have been independently audited to ensure they are not providing elaborate tax solutions that could negatively affect you in the future.
Once you've found your chosen Umbrella, adding them in Worksome is easy!
We just need some information about your Umbrella company - including their bank information (so we can send them your payments!)

Follow these 5 steps to add your Umbrella company's information in your Worksome settings:

1. Select your business entity type

In your Freelancer Settings, you'll see you have a 'business entity' section to fill in. If you are operating through an Umbrella company, you'll need to select this in your Worksome settings:

Please note:
If you already have existing contracts in Worksome, changing your business entity or Umbrella company, will not reflect on any previous contracts. Changes will only reflect on future contracts. If you're unsure or have any queries, just reach out to our Support team before you action anything in your account πŸ‘Œ

2. Provide details about your Umbrella company

It's very important that we know your Umbrella Company's information:
their Company Name, Company Registration Number, Address, and VAT registration number. We'll need these in order for us to make your payments to your Umbrella. You should ask your representative from your umbrella company for these details, and then fill them in Worksome below:

3. Add your Umbrella Company's Bank Details 🏦

Finally, make sure to add your Umbrella's bank details into your Worksome settings, so that we can make payment to your Umbrella company.

Please take care to double-check the bank details for your Umbrella company are correct - check with your rep from your Umbrella if you're unsure. And remember, please do not enter your own personal banking information here. As if you're using an Umbrella, your payments from us should be made to your Umbrella ⛱️
​Note: If you have recently changed from a different business entity to an Umbrella, and have pending payment requests, we suggest that you only update your bank details once you are ready for your payments to start being made to the Umbrella.
Worksome will make your payments to whichever bank is saved in your settings on the day your payment is due. It is your responsibility to ensure the bank details you have in Worksome are correct.

4. Share your contract with your Umbrella company πŸ“

Once you have added all your Umbrella's information in your setting, you're ready to accept a contract from your client! (If you can't see a job or a contract offer in Worksome, ping your hiring manager as it's them that will set this up for you).
Please note, it is your responsibility as an external worker to keep your Umbrella company up to date on any new assignments you may have. That means that if you receive a new contract from a client in Worksome - you should notify your umbrella company and send over a copy of your new contract to them.
If you've accepted a contract in Worksome, you can download a copy of your contract right on your Worksome Dashboard. Just hit the drop-down menu on your job:

And select View Contract, to download a copy:

5. Send your payment requests to your client via Worksome

When it's time for you to be paid by your client, you'll need to submit a payment request on your job in Worksome. Your payment requests will be paid through your Worksome account (you can find your agreed payment terms/timings with your client in your contract).
As you are using an Umbrella company, the bank details you have saved in Worksome, should be that of your Umbrella, and the funds will be paid into their bank account.

We don't ever need your umbrella company to invoice us - they just receive our payments and pay you directly after sorting your taxes.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to hit our chat button (we're a friendly bunch! πŸ‘‹ ) You and your umbrella company can also reach out to for any umbrella-related queries for us.

Sending Remittance to your Umbrella Company

If you're working through an Umbrella company, when your Umbrella receives payments for you from Worksome, they may ask you for a 'remittance' or breakdown of that payment, before they will pay you. Please find a helpful guide here on how to share remittance with your Umbrella.

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