Worksome supports payments to a lot of different external umbrella companies in the UK, as long as they are either FCSA accredited: or Professional Passport ( approved.

In order to get contracts and payments up and running via Worksome, we need info about your Umbrella company - including their bank information.

Follow these 5 steps to make sure everything is in place:

1. Select your business entity type
You can select your business entity type in the sign-up flow or update it right here.

2. Provide details about your Umbrella company
It's very important that we know your Umbrella Company Registration Number and VAT reg. no in order for us to make your payout. You can ask your representative from the umbrella company for these details.

3. Add their bank details
Finally, make sure to add their bank details so we can pay the Umbrella company directly.

Please ensure this information is correct - check with your rep from the Umbrella if you are unsure. Please do not enter your personal banking information here.

4. Send your contract to your umbrella company!
When your profile is set up with the above information, you will be ready to accept a contract from your client (if you cannot see a job or a contract, ping your hiring manager and ask them to invite you to a job). Please note that it will be up to you as a freelancer and as a customer to your chosen umbrella service to make sure that they are updated on your current assignments. That means that if you receive a new contract from a client - please notify your contact at your umbrella company and send over your new contract to them.

You can download your contract to the right in your conversation with your client:

5. Send your bills to your client via Worksome

To be paid by your client, you will need to send a bill to them via Worksome. You will be paid to your Worksome account when your client has paid you, if you have questions on when that will happen: You can find your payment terms with them in your contract.

As you have added the umbrella companies bank details instead of your own, Worksome will pay the umbrella company whenever you are paid into your Worksome account. The first time you are ever paid, you will need to manually withdraw the payment to "your bank" (aka the umbrellas bank), but then you will have the chance to enable auto-payments so that you are always paid automatically as soon as you receive money to your Worksome account. We do not require the umbrella company to invoice us - they just receive our payments and pay you directly after sorting your taxes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out on our live chat (we answer very fast 😎 )

You and your umbrella company can always reach out to for umbrella-specific support.

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