What is a "Remittance"?

If you're working through an Umbrella company, when your Umbrella receives payments for you from Worksome, they may ask you for a 'remittance' or breakdown of that payment.

Worksome is a self-service platform, so whenever you submit a bill, you'll see you then have an Invoice available to download in Worksome. You can simply download this invoice, and share this directly with your chosen Umbrella Company ⛱️ to provide them with a breakdown of your payment 💰

Where can I find my Invoice?

You can find your invoice in 2 different places in Worksome.
You can find it in your Conversation for your job.

Find the relevant bill for your payment in the conversation, and simply click "Get Your Invoice":

Or you can also find your invoice on your Bills page. On the left of any paid bills, you'll see you have a downloadable invoice as below:

This invoice can simply be downloaded by you and shared directly with your chosen Umbrella Company ⛱️

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out on our live chat or on hello@worksome.com (we're a friendly bunch! 🤗)

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