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How to add skills to your Trusted Contacts
How to add skills to your Trusted Contacts

In order to quickly search through your Talent Pool, you can add skills to your Trusted Contacts, only your team will be able to see these

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There are multiple ways of adding skills to your Trusted Contacts! You can either add them while creating a bulk upload, when inviting trusted contacts personally to Worksome, or by editing their profiles on your Talent Pool at any given point. Start by clicking on a contact in your Talent Pool to open up their contact card on the right:

Then scroll down to the "Skills added by your company" section:

A pop-up will appear allowing you to "Edit Trusted Contact", from here simply input the skills and hit enter. Once you're happy, hit save.

We have collected some of our favourite skills below for you to get inspired:


  • Branding designer

  • Graphic designer

  • Presentation designer

  • Digital designer

  • 3D Designer

  • UI Designer

  • Visualiser

  • Illustrator

  • Artworker

  • Creative Artworker

  • Storyboard artist


  • Creative director

  • Art director

  • Copywriter

  • Creative strategist

  • Creative Team (Art Director + Copywriter team)


  • Full stack developer

  • Front end developer

  • iOS app developer

  • Android app developer

  • Back end developer

  • QA

  • Quality analyst (QA)

  • Test managers

  • Test Director


  • Social writer

  • Community manager

  • Social media managers

  • Content strategist


  • Film makers

  • Motion graphics

  • Animator

  • Camera Operator, Director & Editor


  • Account Executive

  • Account Manager

  • Account Director

  • Head of Account Management

  • Business Director

  • Managing Partner


  • Strategy Director

  • Insights Director

  • Planner

  • Senior Planner


  • Project Manager

  • Creative Producer

  • Technical Project Manager

  • Head of Production

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