Start by opening up a spreadsheet and start filling out data for your trusted contacts.

  1. The first column (A1) should contain the email of the trusted contact you’re adding. 

  2. The second column (B1) should contain the names of the trusted contact you’re adding.

  3. The third column (C1) should contain a tag best describing that trusted contact's main competence or working title eg Art Director

Tags are not required, but these are necessary for you to be able to sort and search for your trusted contacts at later stages. Therefore it’s highly recommended that you take the time to add tags to your trusted contacts. Please note when you do your initial upload only use one tag per trusted contact.
Reach out to your Worksome representative if you have any questions about tagging. 

See example below:

Save as a .csv file and you are good to go 🗄️:

The CSV output of the above file will look like this:,Violet Garza,SEO Specialist,Brenda Schwartz,Digital Marketing,Lilianna Bruce,Art Director,Ahmad Schmitt,Graphic design,Nathalia Boyle,UX Specialist,Rihanna Watson,Event planner,Jadon Barnett,Event planner,Ally Strickland,Frontend designer,Stephany Salas,Frontend developer,Grant Herman,Art Director,Yamilet Dodson,Content creator,Neil Parsons,Editor,Elise Jefferson,Author,Marilyn Pope,Journalist

Text can also be copied/pasted directly into Worksome like shown below: 

If you need anything, message us on the chat or via, we are happy to help you out! 😊

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