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Inviting your Trusted Contacts to Worksome
Inviting your Trusted Contacts to Worksome

3 ways of inviting your own contacts (referred to as: "Trusted Contacts") to your Worksome account

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Start by logging into your Worksome account and clicking on Talent Pool. This Talent Pool page in Worksome gives you an overview of all trusted contacts. Here, you'll be able to view profiles, edit, upload, hire, or re-hire trusted contacts.

1. Inviting trusted contacts personally to Worksome via their email

Click on the "Invite" button in the top left corner.

Add the trusted contact's name, email, any links, files or skills and an invite message. (Note: links, files and skills will only be visible to your team and not the worker)

💡Top tip: Adding detailed skills will help you find the right worker when searching through your Talent Pool for your next Direct Hire.

Finish by clicking "Invite" or "Invite and offer job".

If you know that your trusted contact already uses Worksome (perhaps for another client), ask them what email they already log in with so that you can use the same email. In this instance, they would receive a notification via email and then an in-platform "connection request" to accept ☑️

2. Send an invitation link for Worksome

You can also generate a generic invitation link, that you could send to many trusted contacts (without having the need to invite all of them personally). Please note that the status of the trusted contact would be set as "applied" once they signed up. You must "approve" that they are indeed your trusted contact in order to move the status to active, just as an additional security step to make sure that the right person received the generic link.

💡Top tip: Some clients put this link in their email signatures to maximise their Talent Pool

3. Bulk upload multiple trusted contacts to Worksome

There are two ways to upload your Trusted Contacts in bulk. These are the easiest and most efficient ways of building up your Talent Pool.

Upload CSV: To use this method for uploading, you need to set up a CSV file with the names, emails, and tags you want to upload. 

See this guide for creating a CSV file 🗄️.

Now, back to the bulk upload. Click on the 3 dots to the right as shown below: 

Add your CSV file and remember to have all three columns as part of the data.


Skills are not required, but these are very useful for you to be able to sort and search for your trusted contacts at later stages. Therefore it’s highly recommended that you take the time to add tags to your trusted contacts. 

Next step: Click ‘"Upload .CSV file".

Write an invitation, review that everything looks good and then invite by clicking "Import selected". Your contacts will now receive an invite email!

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