If you are not that into reading 📚, you can watch this video instead! Just a heads up that our navigation and menu to the left has changed look since this was recorded - but you will still click on all the same buttons.

Start by logging into your Worksome account and click on Trusted contacts. This Trusted Contacts page in Worksome gives you an overview of all trusted contacts. You can edit, upload, and hire or re-hire trusted contacts from this page.

1. Inviting trusted contacts personally to Worksome via their email

Click on the "Invite Trusted Contact" button.

Add the trusted contacts name, email, invite note and tags.

Remember to add tags so you can search for the trusted contacts main skill at a later stage. Finish by clicking "Invite Contact".

If you know that your trusted contact already uses Worksome (perhaps for another client), ask them what email they already log in with so that you can use the same email. In that instance, they would receive a notification via email and and then an in-platform "connection request" to accept ☑️

You can also generate a generic invitation link, that you could send to many trusted contacts (without having the need to invite all of them personally). Please note that the status of the trusted contact would be set as "applied" once they signed up. You must "approve" that they are indeed your trusted contact in order to move the status to active, just as an additional security step to make sure that the right person received the generic link.

3. Bulk upload multiple trusted contacts to Worksome

This is the easiest and most efficient way to upload multiple trusted contacts at the same time. To use this method for uploading you need to set up a CSV file with the names, emails, and tags you want to upload. 

See this guide for creating a CSV file 🗄️.

Now, back to the bulk upload. Click on the 3 dots to the right as shown below: 

Add your CSV file and remember to have all three columns as part of the data.


Tags are not required, but these are very useful for you to be able to sort and search for your trusted contacts at later stages. Therefore it’s highly recommended that you take the time to add tags to your trusted contacts. 

Next step: Click ‘"Upload .CSV file".

Write an invitation, review that everything looks good and then invite by clicking "Import selected". Your contacts will now receive an invite email!

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