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Do I need to upload my invoice somewhere on Worksome?
Do I need to upload my invoice somewhere on Worksome?
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The answer is: No, you won’t ever need to send any invoices yourself to Worksome.
When you create a bill on Worksome, we automatically create an invoice for you, and collect the payment from your client. On the client’s invoice, a small service fee for using Worksome is added. So the way to get paid via Worksome is simply to create bills, and we have an easy guide to walk you through this if you click on the button below:

Can Worksome give me an invoice?
Yes! If you want to use the Worksome generated invoice for your own accounting (which is completely optional to use), you can easily find these in your conversation with your client for the specific job.

Here is an example of a Worksome generated Invoice in the UK

Your invoices can be downloaded at anytime from here, for you to include/attach in your own accounting. In some accounting systems, such an attachment is called a ‘financial attachment’ and the amount must be entered as credit, so it will be an income either by choosing “Credit” (instead of Debit) or by setting the amount as a negative number. Most accounting systems have instructions for posting revenue that you have not even billed.

But what if I have already created my own invoice?

Some External workers who are billing via their Ltd typically have their own invoices with unique requirements, such as a your own logo on the invoice or a specific number sequence in the invoice #. In that case, you can simply see Worksome as a tool of getting paid by your client on a weekly or monthly basis (whatever you and the client decide on together), who is using Worksome as their worker management tool. You can simply ignore the automated Worksome invoices in your profile, and use your own invoices “on the side”.

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