What is Worksome?

Worksome is an External Workforce Management System, facilitating collaboration between hiring companies, recruiters and external workers.

What does this mean for you as a recruiter?

It means you can continue to work with your clients as you always have, but all contracts, payment of external workers and your fees/mark-up will be managed via the Worksome platform. You can track ownership and margin on all your placements, and Worksome ensures you will always be paid on time and according to your agreement with each individual client.

What do I need to do?

Create an account. You will be invited by your client (via email) to create a Worksome Recruiter account, so just check your emails and click on the link to register your account.

How many of your recruitment consultants can have a Worksome account?

There’s no limit. Whichever consultants work directly with your clients using Worksome, and your finance team, should have an account. You have a ‘Teams’ feature, so can invite as many of your team to your Worksome Recruiter account as you like.

Where are my recruiter’s terms?

In your account you’ll see your fee (%) and candidate ownership (days/months) in your Client list.

Who sets the terms?

They are based on your terms with your clients. Your fee (%) and candidate ownership (days/months) is set in the Worksome platform by the client. Please speak directly to your contact at the agency to negotiate/clarify if different to what you understood

How do I get my fee?

Worksome will pay you, as agreed in-platform with your clients. When you get paid depends on the client’s payment terms with Worksome.

So do I need to invoice?

No. It’s a self-bill system, so there’s nothing for you to do - when an external worker submits a bill, the client approves it and Worksome pays both parties (external worker & recruiter), as per the contract terms. Easy. The platform self-generates an invoice for you, based on the relevant contract, so you can keep it for your records.

Who manages the external worker's tax and NICs?

Worksome manages the appropriate tax and any legal compliance such as IR35 determinations and PAYE payment, so your consultancy need not worry.

What about IR35 status of placements?

Worksome will determine the in/out status of each assignment using data produced by the employer and external worker, so you’ll know the status of each project and how it will be paid- as will your external workers before accepting the project. Each determination is backed and insured by Hiscox - ensuring all of your external workers are paid compliantly

Does this affect my permanent placements?

No. Worksome is an external workforce management platform - our focus is managing flexible workforces- your permanent hiring relationships are unaffected by clients choosing to run external workers via the platform

What about temp to perm hires? Do I get a fee?

Temp to perm fees are at the discretion of your agency and the client to negotiate directly- typically they will be paid at your agreed margin percentage, MINUS any margin already paid on the new employee as an external worker -but this must be agreed directly with the relevant client. Worksome will manage payment of any fee to the recruiter based on a temp to perm conversion

How do I start?

It’s easy. All you need to do is follow the invitation from any clients who manage their external workers and recruiters with Worksome.

Any further questions?

If you'd like a member of the team to answer any questions or issues, please email recruiters@worksome.com

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