How many days do I need to wait?

You will be able to find the payment terms in the contract that you have with the client. This is an example of a contract where you can see where you can find the details that are unique for you and your client:

Can I follow the status of the payment somewhere?

Yes, when you have created your bill and it's approved, you will find the expected payment date in the bill's status. You can find the below "status view" in two different places. Either in the conversation with your client or by pressing on your bill in your "bills" section under payments.

How often will I get paid?

How often you get paid depends on how often you submit bills. Please check with your client if they prefer that you bill weekly, monthly, or by the end of the project. In the platform, there is nothing "technically" stopping you from creating one bill per day but we think it's easier for both you and the client if you bill a little less often 😁

Do I need to log in to withdraw my money every time I receive a payment?

Nope! When the money has reached your Worksome account for the first time, you will have to actively log in and press "withdraw". When withdrawing your payment the first time, you will have the option to enable auto payments. That way you will only be notified that a payment is on its way and we will automatically transfer your money to your bank account which we have stored in your profile.

How long do I need to wait after I have withdrawn my payment?

If you withdraw before 2 p.m on a bank day, you will most likely have the money in your bank account later on the same day. You will receive an email from Worksome when our finance team has processed your payment and you should thereafter see the money within a few hours - depending on the bank you use. If you withdraw after 2 p.m, you will be paid in the morning on the following bank day.

For international payments (where you and your bank account are based in another country than your client), it typically takes 1-4 bank days for a bank transfer to get through depending on the banks used.

In the unlikely event that your payment is late due to that your client hasn't paid Worksome yet, it will follow our payment reminder flow and formal reminders will be sent to your client. You can follow the status and see on what day a reminder was sent on the status page of every bill.

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