If you have a company profile on Worksome and need to add members from your team here's how you get stated.

From your front page, go to Teams by clicking on your company logo in the upper right corner:

In the drop down menu you'll then click the 'Team' button.

Once clicked you'll be taken straight to your team settings page. From here you can add team members and control all of your team settings.

To add a team member, simply click 'Add team member':

Then you'll be ready to add your team member by filling in the following info:
1) The team members corporate email address
2) The team members full name
3) The team members role (read more about roles and permissions here).

Once this is done, hit 'Save' and you're done 😁

Team settings
In your team overview you can also control team settings. Just click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the team page:

Here you have several options:
Team activity lets you review who did what in your team.
Team name lets you change your team name.
Team settings lets you change settings specific to your team.

You can change the following settings from this menu:

As always: If you have any questions, reach out to our wonderful and helpful support team! 🤗

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