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Found a perfect role for you? Learn how applying/"bidding" for jobs on Worksome works

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To apply for jobs on Worksome, you'll do what we call making a "bid" for the job.

If you're new to Worksome and need a little guidance, check out our step by step guide below

1. Check your profile is approved

To be able to apply for jobs, your freelancer profile first needs to be approved. If you're still awaiting approval, check out our perfect profile checklist here.

Once your profile is approved you'll receive an email confirmation from us, and you're ready to start applying for roles!

2. Start the search

To search for jobs, head to the Marketplace section in Worksome:

Here you'll be able to browse our current job posts:

3. Filtering Jobs

You'll see to the left, you have a menu to filter jobs by category, location, budget, or even search for key skills to bring up projects best suited for you.

Note: The first filter "Jobs matching me" or "All jobs". The first is jobs that our job-matching algorithm thinks may be a good match for you, based on your profile and skills. But you are free to change to "all jobs" and freely search through all current jobs posts

4. Making a Bid

When you find a role you like, to apply you'll 'Make a Bid' on it.

Or if you'd like to ask the company any questions before you bid, feel free to write a message.

If you're ready to apply, you should go ahead and Make a Bid.

Here you'll submit a bid for the job i.e. a fair rate that you would be willing to do the task for. The job post will tell you what the client is ideally willing to offer, so you should bear this in mind when submitting your bid.

Make sure to include a short cover letter about why you would suit the role, and answer any additional questions posed in the job post. Take the time to write a personalised message in both of these sections. Copy & pasting a generic message is not recommended Companies know when you have taken the time to read their job post fully before applying, and this will give you a much better chance of being hired!

Once you've submitted a bid, you're done!

You have started a Conversation with the company in Worksome, which you'll see on your dashboard. The company will receive your bid in Worksome, and hopefully respond back to you shortly. We'll send you a notification whenever you have any new messages in Worksome.

Note: You will be using the Conversation throughout the job process: for communication with the company; negotiating your bid; agreeing the contract; payments - everything can be managed in one easy location

Job Notifications

Note: You will receive an email notification whenever a new job matching your profile has been posted. So if you prefer not to spend time searching around on the platform, just keep an eye on our emails And we'll keep you looped in whenever new relevant jobs have arrived, so you can apply ASAP

You can change your job notification settings at any time - just head to your Freelancer Settings (click your profile photo in the bottom-left corner), and then scroll on down to 'Notifications'.

Any queries or anything we can help with?

Reach out to our friendly support team on, or by hitting the chat button to your right

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