If you have been invited as a trusted contact to Worksome by a client of yours, it's 100% optional to opt in to join our Marketplace. In our Marketplace, you would be able to find and bid in on jobs and projects from other companies than from your original client who invited you.

If you see a banner that your profile is pending "approval", it purely has to do with an approval the Marketplace. Just by being invited and adding the most important compliance settings (business entity, name and address etc - the platform will guide you!), you are all set to be hired and paid via Worksome, by your client.

But in order for your profile to be approved for the Marketplace it must contain the following information:

  • A title that best describes you and your primary job function (no company names in your title or name, please)

  • Relevant education and proven job experience in your field. You can either upload a CV, link to your LinkedIn profile or simply add your experience directly on your Worksome account under MY EXPERIENCE or MY EDUCATION. If you are still studying you are required to set your experience level as 'Student'.

  • Add at least 3 core skills. The more skills you add to your profile, the more precisely you will be matched with the jobs coming in! Therefore, we recommend adding 7-10 skills on your profile.ย 

  • A good and comprehensive description of yourself, your skills, your experience and how you can help a potential client

  • A professional picture of yourself

  • If you are working in the creative section (fx as a Graphic Designer), we will also require a link to your portfolio or website

We generally approve all who meet these conditions and provide a well-defined service. However, we reserve the right to evaluate each profile in addition to these guidelines.

Please note that we do not approve profiles that represent more than one external worker, if your location (and therefor where your business is set up) is unclear or if you are younger than 18.

We usually approve profiles within 24 hours. If you have questions about profile approval or want someone to review your profile, please reach out on our live chat in the lower right corner ๐Ÿ‘‰.

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