How to find the best freelancer for the job:

You start by creating a job post. The post can detail a specific task or a collection of tasks that a specialist can work on as part of your team.

To find the best freelancers for your job it’s important to write a comprehensive, honest job description, that contains information about the tasks. Your job description should also include the skills and experience you’re looking for in a specialist, as well as when and where the job should be performed.

Once the post is created, you have two publishing options. You can choose to publish it so anyone can apply and make an offer. Or you can choose to keep the job hidden, so only freelancers you invite to apply will be able to make an offer.

How do we pay our freelancers through Worksome?

When a job is completed, the freelancer will make a charge and you will then receive an invoice from Worksome. Once it is paid, Worksome will automatically make sure that the freelancer is being paid. When the payment is completed, both parties can make a rating and review of the process.

How does Worksome ensure the quality and competencies of freelancers?

We screen all freelancers who create profiles. We review their education, experience level, skills and profile quality. This ensures high quality.

How do we agree on terms and conditions for a job?

Worksome supports you in conducting a dialogue with freelancers about terms and conditions. Once you have agreed on the contractual terms and accepted the freelancer's offer, a contract will be automatically generated.

Who is responsible for projects being solved?

When a contract has been concluded on Worksome, the freelancer, with whom you have made an agreement, is responsible for solving the task or completing the job. Worksome can not be held responsible for a job or task that has not been performed satisfactorily. However we are happy to help you find a good solution or a new and more qualified person for the job.

How are we being billed?

When a freelancer has completed a job, he or she make a change in your job dialogue on Worksome. You will then be notified by email and text message. If the charging is in accordance with your agreement, you approve it from the job dialogue, and then you receive a traditional invoice on your email. Once you have paid the invoice to Worksome, we automatically ensure that the freelancer receives his/her payment.

What bank account can we deposit?

Deposit on our bank account in Danske Bank:
Reg. No: 3409
Account No: 0012113595
Make sure to write your company name in the text box on the deposit.

Note: Remember to approve the request from the freelancer in your job dialogue before you pay.

What do Worksome do if a freelancer doesn’t meet your expectations?

Once a contract is formed between a freelancer and company, both parties are required to fulfill their obligations as far as possible.

Worksome always recommends that the company settles for the time spent and freelancers give honest and constructive feedback on our platform. In case of a dispute due to breach of the agreed contract, the company must act as if a similar situation occurred outside of Worksome.

Are all companies welcome at Worksome?

All companies that have a clear and transparent business model, a VAT number and who are open about who stand behind the company, are welcome at Worksome. Companies that offer products that are opaque (eg phishing, pyramid games, etc.) or which are not transparent in terms of ownership and business model are not welcome at Worksome. Worksome always reserves the right to individually assess whether a company is welcome at Worksome without having to provide further in-depth explanation.

Can we have more users from our company?

Today, you have a simple login for your business, which you can share without limitation. Our roadmap for future development of the platform includes a multi-user version, where you will get your own personal users associated with your company profile.


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