We have an internal policy which states that we will only pay external workers into a bank account that is located in the same country in which they are physically resident.

This is good practice in combating potential tax evasion since the location where a person lives is likely to be where they are a tax resident. Whilst this is not true 100% of the time, the policy allows us to control this risk in a scaleable and efficient manner.

Our finance team check every payment we make to external workers to ensure adherence to the policy and will block payments in case they do not align. When this happens, we work internally to find a satisfactory outcome for the external worker so they can be paid in alignment with this policy.

The one geographical area that is an exception to this rule is for freelancers who reside in the EU. Someone legally resident in one EU country is entitled to use a bank account in any other EU country. The details behind this exception can be found here.

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