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Using Worksome's Worker Classification Recommendation tool for Sole Traders (UK Only)
Using Worksome's Worker Classification Recommendation tool for Sole Traders (UK Only)
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When you, as a company, want to hire a Sole Trader, regardless if this is through the marketplace or as a direct hire, you'll have to choose a contract type. You will encounter this modal, where you'll have to click “Start” on the contract type setup section.

You then can decide between three options:

  • to go through the classification flow

  • to employ a Sole Trader under PAYE

  • or to not make a decision right now and come back to this later.

When choosing the first option, you will be led to this module again. Here, you have to click on “Continue” to get into the classification flow.

After that, you will see the actual questionnaire made out of 7 questions. You can answer questions with either “Yes,” “No” or “Don’t know.”

When saving these answers, you are redirected to the conversation page with the particular Sole Trader. Here, you can now create a Worker Classification Recommendation (WCR). You can still update answers or change the contract type from here, if you are not sure the classification is correct.

After creating the WCR, you see the determination. In this case, the Sole Trader can be paid gross. In this screen, you can confirm, redo or remove the WCR.

When confirming, the actual document (PDF) that includes the detailed answers will show up for you to confirm acceptance.

After confirming, you're done! The conversation page shows the WCR that can be downloaded.

Now it is on the external worker to accept the contract.

If the contract is PAYE and the Sole Trader has not opted into the PAYE preference, then they will be alerted that this contract is indeed a Worksome payroll contract and that they need to change their account details & PAYE settings in order to be able to review the KID.

⚠️ If you choose to employ the Sole Trader under PAYE without classification, a PAYE contract will be offered to the Sole Trader without going through the questionnaire and flow.

⚠️ If you have decided not to engage with any Sole Traders in your compliance settings, the classification flow will be disabled and the option to classify this contract with Worksome Classify will be greyed out.

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