To make it easier and more efficient for our Enterprise clients to manage their financial relationship with Worksome, we offer to send weekly batch invoices.

What is a batch invoice?

Instead of receiving one invoice per bill that an external worker submits, a batch invoice is an aggregated invoice including all bills that were submitted and approved in the last week. This reduces the load on your finance team and saves a lot of time.

How does it look?

Every invoice (that includes more than 3 bills) will have a summary page, followed by specifications with additional information.

How are the bills batched together?

Batch invoices are issued every Thursday. All bills that have been submitted the prior week (Monday through Sunday) and approved before invoice generation are going to be included.

The due date of a batch invoice is calculated from the last Sunday.

Once batch invoicing is enabled, every bill approved after this point is going to be added to the batch invoice.

Can I change the way bills are being batched?

For this version, we do not support any custom preferences, so the way bills are being batched cannot be customized.

Can I see the relations between bill and invoice in the platform?

To provide transparency around which bills are related to which invoice, we have created a new page in the "Billing" section called "Batch invoices," which now shows all the batch invoices that have been created, plus the bills and POs that are related to those.

Like the billing table, you can sort on bill status and you can also download (multiple) batch invoices from this view.

On top of that, you can see in the conversation view if an invoice is a batch invoice.

Are there any limitations?

This feature is only available for Enterprise companies at this point.

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