Creating a booking with Worksome Classify
1. Send the freelancer a job brief
2. Clarify contract type
3. Worker classification questionnaire

4. Worker Classification Recommendation (WCR)

Additional Questions
1. Editing a Worker Classification Recommendation

1. Send the freelancer a job brief

The first step is to create the job brief to your freelancer (this part, is the same as it's always been! But we've added a quick reminder below for you):

In Worksome, expand your Freelancers menu, and head to Manage Trusted Contacts:

Find the Trusted Contact you want to hire, and select Offer job:

Select Create New Brief:

Complete the Job Brief:
Here is where you add details about the job: description, rate, end date, location.

Once you've completed all relevant fields, select Offer job:

2. Clarify contract type

After you've created the job brief, you'll move to step 2 of the worker classification process. This step consists of two questions to clarify the contract type. The contract type will determine whether you need to continue with the worker classification questionnaire.

Option 1: I want to classify this contract using Worksome Classify

For this contract type you are required to determine the freelancer’s employment status in the context of this job. This means that you can utilize the worker classification questionnaire, which will be triggered in the next step.

Option 2: I want to engage the freelancer as an Employee worker (W-2) through the Worksome payroll on this contract

You can choose to hire the freelancer through our payroll contract method, which means they will be taxed and paid through the Worksome payroll. This contract type classifies the freelancer automatically as an Employee worker (W-2) and no further worker classification is necessary.

If you've chosen the contract type "Worksome Classify", you be guided to continue with the worker classification questionnaire as below:

3. Worker classification questionnaire

You'll now proceed to the worker classification questionnaire.

The first section of questions will be for the hiring manager to review and provide answers to:

The next section contains questions that are pre-filled on your account, based on the default worker classification settings provided at company level:

This is followed by five questions for the contracted freelancer to answer. This will usually be completed by the freelancer in their own account already, and their answers will automatically reflect here for you. If the freelancer has not completed these questions, you will need to speak with your freelancer and/or answer on their behalf. The freelancer may have also provided information on which insurances they have, which is contextual information for you.

(Note: You will not be held accountable for these answers):

Finally, the last section again consists of questions for the hiring manager to answer about this specific hire:

4. Worker Classification Recommendation (WCR)

Now, all the required questions are answered, and you'll be able to Create and Approve the WCR, in your Conversation for the job:

You'll see the classification recommendation on the WCR and you'll need to review and Confirm Acceptance of the WCR:

That's it!

The worker classification is done and the Worker Classification Recommendation document is ready for you and for your freelancer to download. Your freelancer will receive their contract offer and WCR result for them to review and accept.

Editing a Worker Classification Recommendation

If you've found that you may have answered a classification question incorrectly, you can re-do the classification process if your freelancer has not accepted the contract yet.
Firstly, head to your conversation for the job in Worksome.

Here, in your WCR menu, you can Redo WCR.

This will allow you to now amend any incorrect worker classification answers for your hire. You can also edit the freelancer's answers, if they have advised you that any of their responses are incorrect or missing.

When you're ready, hit Save, and you can now Create and Approve WCR, with your new amendments:

You'll see the classification result, based on your new answers, which you'll need to confirm your acceptance of, as before.

That's it!

The worker classification is done and the Worker Classification Recommendation document is ready for you and for your freelancer to download.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out on our live chat in the lower right corner. We're happy to help!

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