Getting yourself ready for worker classification in Worksome

If your client has chosen to use Worksome to run worker classification for your bookings, then you will be able to access worker classification settings inside your Worksome account.

1. Head to your worker classification settings in Worksome
(Tip: click the menu on your profile photo, in the bottom-left corner.)

2. Complete your default answers for worker classification
The answers you provide here will be automatically applied to Worker Classification Recommendations (WCRs) on new contracts. If your situation changes you should go back and review your default answers.

(Tip: Select the purple question mark for a helpful definition of the questions)

Connected to your worker classification default answers you can also let your clients know which type of insurances you have. You can follow the link "Go to Insurance information" from your worker classification settings or navigate to the form by selecting Freelancer settings > Insurance information:

If you have any of the insurances mentioned here, you will just need to attach proof of your insurance policy and specify your policy limit.

And that's it! Your default worker classification settings are in place 😊

If you have more questions about worker classification, check out our guide to learn how you can view worker classification information on your individual bookings.

Or feel free to reach out on our live chat in the lower right corner. We're happy to help!

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