On Worksome, it is possible to remove bills, if they have not been approved by the client. It is not possible to remove bills if they have been approved by the client.

1. Go into the conversation with your client:
From here you can select 'Remove Bill'. That button will appear when you hover over the bill #.

It will ask if you are sure you would like to cancel this.
Note: Once a bill has been deleted, it is not possible to restore it again.

2. The bill has now been removed, which will be displayed at the top:
You will notice that the bill has also been deleted from your conversation, and therefore the client will not be able to see it.

3. You are now able to create a new Bill:
You can do this by clicking on 'Create bill' on the right hand side

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out on our live chat (we answer very fast 😎) or hello@worksome.com

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