If you disagree with the IR35 determination status for your contract in Worksome, you can file a dispute by sending an email to uk-compliance@worksome.com with the subject "IR35 Dispute".

Please note that you must provide the following details to allow your dispute a chance of succeeding:

1) The reference ID of your SDS in the subject of your email (you can find this listed at the top of your SDS statement, available in your conversation for the job):

2) Your client name and the job title

3) Most importantly, your reasons on why you dispute the determination. Please bear in mind that you will be required to produce material evidence in support of your argument and give grounds for a revised determination. Failing to meet this criteria could negatively affect your chances of altering your IR35 status.

Your dispute will be concluded within 45 days. But during this time you can bill according to the original determination and, if your status is amended after the dispute is resolved, Worksome will help to resolve any wrongly charged tax etc.

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