As a Freelancer you can now add your specific sales tax with ease!

Step 1: Create A Bill

Simply go through the standard process of Creating A Bill on Worksome

*Note: Remember you can create a bill from a conversation with an Employer or from the Billing Section of your profile

Step 2: Input Sales Tax

When you are in the 'Create A Bill' prompt fill in the necessary information then click on the 'Add Sales Tax' tab.

From the 'Add Sales Tax' tab click on the dropdown menu and choose the tax option that applies to you

-U.S. tax option: 'Sales Tax'

-Canada tax options: GST, HST, and PST

Then insert the applicable sales tax percentage

U.S. Sales Tax

Canada Sales Tax

Step 3: Send Bill

Once you have the necessary information filled out for your bill

click 'Send Bill'.

You are all set to go!

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