As sad as we are to see you leave our platform, you can of course delete your account should you decide to do so, by following the steps below. The following screenshots are from an external worker account, but the steps are exactly the same for a company account.

1) Log into Worksome and click your name in the bottom-left corner to open your settings. Select User Account:

2) Now select Delete Account:

3) You will now have two options, to choose between:

"Remove with the option to restore" - if you would like to have the option to re-activate your account in the future.

"Remove everything now" - to permanently remove your profile and all data entirely.

Note: If you are an external worker or a company that has previously had any contracts, bills or invoices on your account, you will be instructed to reach out to us at Please do so and we will help you to process your account deletion promptly.

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