1. How long does it take for my profile to get approved?

When your profile is completed, one of our super bright Approval Team will go through your profile. We usually approve profiles within 24 hours if all necessary information has been added to your profile (picture, resume, LinkedIn, skills etc). If you have completed your profile but are still not approved, please give us a nudge and we will have a look at it right away.

2. How long time does it take before I get my payment?

Once we have received the payment from a company, we aim to pay you within 3 to 4 workdays.
Most companies have 8 days payment terms on their invoices (if this is not the case, it will be stated on the job post and in the contract).

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4. What are your guidelines for approving profiles?

In order for your profile to be approved it must contain the following information:

  • A title that best describes you and your primary job function (no company names in your title or name, please)
  • Relevant education and proven job experience in your field. You can either upload a CV, link to your LinkedIn profile, or simply add your experience directly on your Worksome account under MY EXPERIENCE or MY EDUCATION. f you are still studying you are required to set your experience level as 'Student'

'It's a case of the more the merrier here. The more complete your profile is, the better chance you have of getting approved, and landing contracts. '

  • Add at least 3 core skills. The more skills you add to your profile, the more precisely you will be matched with the jobs coming in! Therefore, we recommend adding 7-10 skills on your profile.
  • A good and comprehensive description of yourself, your skills, your experience, and how you can help a potential client
  • A professional picture of yourself

We generally approve all who meet these conditions and provide a well-defined service. However, we reserve the right to evaluate each profile in addition to these guidelines.

Please note that we do not approve profiles that represent more than one freelancer or a company.

5. I already have a permanent job. Can I still use Worksome?
Yes. If you have the time and motivation to work on other exciting projects while having a permanent job, Worksome is the perfect place for you.

6. Can I copy my LinkedIn description directly to Worksome?

Yes, you are more than welcome to copy the description of yourself and your professional skills from other sites, as long as you are the author of the material.

7. What should I set as my hourly rate?

You can set your own hourly rate, so it's completely up to you. We encourage freelancers with good ratings/ experience on Worksome to raise their hourly rates.

You are not bound to your hourly rate, and you can therefore still bid higher/lower on projects if you feel it's appropriate.

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9. How do I apply for a job?

Once your profile has been approved, you can search for available jobs on Worksome. You might also be invited to a hidden job by a company. In both cases, you make a bid on the job if you are interested, either as hourly rate, monthly rate, or fixed budget. From the job page, you can make this bid or simply write a message to the company if you need more information on the job before submitting your offer.

If you want to make changes to your initial bid simply delete it and create a new bid, which the company can then accept.

Once your bid has been submitted, you have started a conversation with the company. This is the conversation you will be using throughout the job process for communication, contract, payments etc.

Note! You will receive an email every time a new job that matches you has been posted, so if you do not want to spend time searching around on the platform just keep an eye on our emails, and apply to the job on Worksome when it has arrived to the platform πŸ˜ƒ (you can change your notification settings by clicking on your picture in the top right corner, go to 'Account settings' and then 'Notifications'.)

10. How do I receive my payment?

When a task is completed, or when you have agreed with your client that you will get paid, you can create a bill.

You do this from the conversation, where your contract is already created. When you have created the bill, the company needs to approve it. As soon as they have approved it, we will send them an invoice on behalf of you. When we have received the payment, it will be visible in your Worksome account. You can then withdraw the money to your own bank account whenever you'd like.

(Note, that you have to accept the contract agreement before it is possible to create a bill.)

11. How do I make an invoice?

You don’t have to send invoices yourself. When you create a bill in Worksome, we automatically create an invoice on behalf of you and collect the payment from your client.

If you need the invoice for your own accounting, you can find it in the conversation about the job in your Worksome profile.

This invoice can then be included in your accounting as an attachment. In some accounting systems, such an attachment is called a financial attachment and the amount must be entered as credit, so it will be an income either by choosing "Credit" (instead of Debt) or by setting the amount as a negative number.

Most accounting systems have instructions for posting revenue that you have not even billed.

12. How do I get holiday pay, weekend surcharge, maternity leave etc?

So far Worksome does not provide these benefits. If you wish to save up for retirement, holiday pay, insurance etc, you should create such arrangements yourself.

13. What do I do if a company doesn’t want to pay?

As soon as the due date for an invoice has expired and we have not received the payments from the company, our reminding process will automatically begin and we will therefore send the company reminders on behalf of you. Usually, the company will pay shortly thereafter.

However, if you do end up in a situation where a company will not settle for an agreed job, your options will be the same as when you do a job outside of Worksome.

14. How can I get a good rating?

  • Be sure to understand the scope of the task you are hired to solve
  • Avoid taking a job if you are not sure that you have the necessary skills to solve the task
  • Expectations: Please agree with your client how you plan to solve the task so both parties are on the same page when the work begins
  • Communicate with your client throughout the process and keep a professional tone in the conversation
  • Send a clear description of the things you've done when you have finished the job, so the company clearly can see what they've paid for

15. Can I take a full-time job at the company?

Yes of course, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. We know that a unique opportunity for a good permanent position sometimes comes up, and you should be completely free to take it. Of course, we hope, that you will continue to do smaller tasks through Worksome while you are in a full-time job and that you will come back as a freelancer one day.

The end!
If you didn't find what you were looking for feel free to reach out in our chat or by phone πŸ˜ƒ

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