What is Worksome?

Worksome is a platform that enables companies to easily find and hire specialists and freelancers on flexible terms. Worksome is the future platform for flexible labor where companies can find the highly skilled and specialized competencies needed, on a freelance basis, and specialists can create their own efficient, flexible and well-paid work life based on their needs and competencies.

Is Worksome for remote or on-site work?

We specialize in onsite working. We love finding highly skilled specialists and matching them with local businesses. This is because innovative companies need people who can understand their business, realize their goals, and work closely with them.

What types of jobs and tasks can you find on Worksome?

At Worksome, you find both comprehensive long-term jobs, and shorter simple tasks. Common to all tasks and jobs is that they are knowledge-intensive and require highly skilled people to solve them.

What professions do Worksome cover?

We embrace all highly skilled freelancers who specialize in knowledge-intensive and/or creative areas. At Worksome, you can find all kinds of professionals; from photographers, marketing specialists, and designers, to lawyers, engineers, and IT developers.

How does it work?

Worksome for companies:

We enable you to find and hire the best freelancers for your projects. You’ll have the ability to view profiles, ratings, and previously completed work, all for a fair and transparent price.

The first step is to create a company profile. Once completed, you’ll be able to post jobs. When posting a job, you can create an estimate on an hourly rate or fee for the entire project. From that point, it’s up to the freelancers to choose whether to accept your price or make their own offer. You can also search through our ever-growing catalog of freelancers and invite specific people to apply to your job.

When posting a job, you can either make it visible to everyone on the platform or hidden from everyone except those you invite to apply for the job.

When the job is completed, you’ll receive an invoice from us to pay the freelancer.

If you have further questions, check out "FAQ - Companies"

Worksome for freelancers:

We at Worksome make it possible for you to find jobs with full transparency in terms of price, contact info, and billing.

The first step is to create your profile, complete with a description of your skills, experience, and what profession you’re suited to. Based on this information, you’ll receive notifications whenever a relevant job is posted. You are also able to search among all posted jobs yourself.

When you’ve found an interesting job, you apply by submitting an offer (hourly rate or fee for the whole project). By submitting an offer, you start a direct conversation with the company and can negotiate an agreement.

Need more information? Check out: "FAQ for freelancers"

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