For recruiters, Worksome means simplified (and hopefully faster!) payments for you and your candidates.

Once placed, your external workers will agree a billing frequency with the client (most operate on weekly or monthly billing cycles).

When an external worker under your ownership submits a bill in Worksome for their work, an invoice will automatically be generated by the system on your behalf. Worksome then pays you when we pay the external worker.

Do I need to invoice my client or Worksome?

No. Worksome is self-bill, meaning the platform will track your margin for you, and pay you when the external worker is paid. Automatically.

How do I keep track of margin payments?

Simply view your billing dashboard:

Here you will be able to view a breakdown of every bill your freelancers have submitted, track your ownership, and view a breakdown of your earnings.

Where can I find a summary of what my consultancy has been paid so far?

When you would like to withdraw or view your earnings from placements, please navigate to the 'Earnings' section from the main menu:

Once there, simply hit "Withdraw" if you have funds available, and the money will be transferred from your Worksome wallet into your consultancy's bank account.

Please note only the "Account Owner" is able to make withdrawals, and edit the banking info. We do this for added security.

If you have any questions please reach out tot us via the chat or by email at

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