1. Find your expense reports
You can add expenses to a bill where you submit worked hours or you can create a "standalone" expense bill. You can start to create your expense report from two different places. Either you start from inside the bill:

Or you can reach your expense reports via your billing dashboard:

2. Create your expense report (that you can add expenses to):

Click on "create new". Fill in the info required, selecting the correct job that the expense applies to.

3. Create your expenses and be ready to attach receipts incl. or excl. VAT

You can add multiple expenses to an expense report. Make sure to add a vendor, a description, date, amount, and a file.

Please note that the message in the blue box below will differ if you are registered for VAT or not. If you are registered for VAT and have added your "VAT reg no" in your freelancer settings, you will be asked to submit your expenses excluding VAT.

If you are not registered for VAT, you will be asked to submit your expenses including VAT.

Make sure you have attached relevant receipts, with the cost clearly visible so that the expense report can be approved easily.

4. Submit the bill with the expense report

If you "started" your expense from inside a bill, you will have a button at the top of the screen that you can press to go straight back to the bill that you are currently working on.

If you created your expense report via your billing overview - you will be able to click on the button "add expense reports" and find the expense report in your list of expense reports.

5. Track your expense
You will be able to track your reimbursements from your expenses overview tab.

Any funds displayed in the green box have been reimbursed and will be ready to withdraw. Any amount displayed in the blue box is still pending payment.

Are you wondering when you will be paid for the expense? It will follow the same structure and payment terms as your "normal" bills. You can find your payment terms inside your contract :-) You can find more information in this guide:

If you still have any questions about submitting expenses please get in touch via the chat, and we'd be happy to help!

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