Uploading files

You can always add files to your file bank right here.

Your File Bank will be similar to this:

Attaching an NDA to a contract

Once the contract with a freelancer is created, you can attach an NDA by requesting a change in the contract. You do not have to upload the NDA to the file bank first. It can be done directly on the contract.

1. Edit the contract

Go to the conversation with the freelancer and choose "make changes" in the contract details drop-down menu.

2. Add advanced field

On the edit contract page press add advanced field and then choose add files

3. Add files

You are now able to add a file for the freelancer to review and accept.

3. Upload a new file or select from your file bank

You can upload a new file or select one of the files that you have already uploaded. Once the file is uploaded the freelancer will be asked to review and accept the files to accept the contract.

4. The freelancer will have to review and accept the terms in the file

This is how it will look for the freelancer, when accepting the job and contract addendum.

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