Your client has selected you to join them on Worksome by adding you to their 'Trusted Contacts' this means you're one of their favourites!

We have prepared an onboarding kit below for you to get set up.

1. Logging in to Worksome for the first time

  • You’ll receive a link via email to join Worksome.

  • When you click on the link, you’ll have the chance to create your password (along with your email address, this will form your login details).

2. Add Your Info

  • You'll be prompted to add information such as your skills, preferred rate, CV and a description. If you don't fill these out right away you can add them later here:

  • It is essential to fill out your name, address, business entity information, UK Tax information and most importantly, your bank details so you can get paid! If using an Umbrella, it will need to be the Umbrella company’s bank details.

  • If you select the ‘PAYE’ option, you’ll also need to fill out this section.

3. Locating your first contract

  • Your client will invite you to accept your contract (the contract may already be in your account when you accept the initial invite).

  • You’ll be able to view your contract from your dashboard under ‘Your jobs in Worksome’, or from within ‘Your conversations’.

  • If you can’t see a contract within your account, it means that your client hasn’t sent it across. Reach out to your hiring manager/ contact and they will take care of that for you.

​4. IR35 determinations

  • If you are offered a LTD company contract, an IR35 determination will need to be done to decide if the contract is Outside IR35 (you would be paid gross) or Inside IR35 (you would be paid PAYE with taxes deducted).

  • For Sole Trader, Umbrella or PAYE contracts - IR35 does not apply.

  • Your client will answer questions and you will also answer questions via your ‘IR35 settings’.

  • Once all questions have been answered, the client will create a Status Determination Statement showing whether the contract is Inside or Outside IR35 (you can download the statement and review all the answers given).

  • Whether the determination is Inside or Outside IR35, you’ll need to make sure your bank details are your LTD company details as you are still engaging your client with your LTD company

  • If your contract is Inside IR35 (or PAYE) then you’ll be paid via Worksome (we will take care of making the necessary deductions) and we don’t currently charge for this service.

  • In most cases, all associated costs (Employer’s and Employee’s NI, apprenticeship levy PAYE tax and possibly pension contributions) are deducted and you’ll then be paid the remaining fee.

  • You’ll see a Key Information Document with an example of your pay which you’ll need to accept before you can accept your contract.

5. Accepting your first contract

  • You can accept your contract via your dashboard under ‘Your jobs in Worksome’’ or from within your ‘conversation’

  • You’ll be able to accept your contract

    • Once the IR35 process is complete if it’s a LTD company contract that’s Outside IR35.

    • Once you’ve accepted the Key Information Document (KID) if it’s Inside IR35 or a PAYE contract.

    • Or once the contract is offered if you are a Sole Trader or using an Umbrella company.

6. Creating your first bill

  • You’ll need to create bills to get paid!

  • You can do this from the billing page or from with your ‘conversation’.

  • How the bill page generates will depend on your agreed pay (so it will appear as hourly if you’ve agreed an hourly pay rate in your contract).

  • You’ll need to enter the dates for the period that the bill covers (note that you can’t bill for the future or for dates outside of the contract dates).

  • If hourly, you would just add the number of hours (the rate will auto populate) and you’ll see your total.

  • You’ll also need to attach a timesheet (speak with your client to agree the format) and a PO if needed.

  • You can then go ahead and send the bill.

7. Getting paid

  • Once you’ve submitted your bill, the next step is to receive your payment.

  • The date you receive your payment will depend on your payment terms which you can find in your contract (usually 14 or 30 days from the date you submitted your bill).

  • For some clients, payments are “factored”, this means that once your bill has been accepted, we will pay you (even if the client hasn’t paid us) when your payment becomes due.

  • Where payments are not factored, the client would need to pay Worksome for us to then transfer the funds to you.

  • For PAYE or Inside IR35 contracts, payments will go straight to your bank account.

  • For Outside IR35, Sole Trader and Umbrella contracts, payments go to your Worksome balance.

  • You would then need to withdraw the funds to your bank via the ‘account balance’ section (you’ll be able to automate this after your first withdrawal), typically taking 1-2 working days to reach a UK bank account.


  • If a payment date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, it will be processed out on the following working day

  • A bill can’t be paid unless it has been approved by the client

If you have further questions or doubts please do not hesitate to reach out on our live chat in the bottom corner. We answer pretty quickly :-)

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