Your client has selected you to join them on Worksome by adding you to their 'Trusted Contacts' this means you're one of their favourites!

We have prepared an onboarding kit below for you to get set up.

1. Signing up

Follow the link in the invitation email you have received to get signed up. You can see a video of the signup flow right here.

2. Add Your Info

To get paid via Worksome we will need to collect your details including banking information, address, whether you are registered as a sole trader/limited company/umbrella company - we need to know it all!

Please double check your bank details, just to make sure... :-).

3. The Contract

In order to start using Worksome for billing, the first step is to get a contract in place. It is up to the company you are working for to offer you the contract.

You will either receive a contract for you to accept or an invite to apply for a specific job/project. Once the contract is accepted by both you and the company, work can begin.

​4. Billing

To get paid you simply click create bill directly from your frontpage.

Upload your timesheet or use our embedded timesheet and send the bill. Please make sure you include this, as its important for getting your bills approved!

5. Withdraw payment

Once we have made your payment, you'll see it in your balance. Go to your balance from the drop-down menu and select withdraw to get the payout transferred to your own bank account.

If you have further questions or doubts please do not hesitate to reach out on our live chat in the bottom corner. We answer very quickly :-)

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