There are several ways of adding overtime to your bills in Worksome depending on what you agree with your client.

The easiest way to add your overtime is to settle your bill as a 'fixed amount'. Then you'll add a comment to your fixed-amount-bill specifying how you calculated the amount.

Let's go through an example

Let's assume the following:

· Your hourly rate: 100

· Your hourly rate during overtime: 200

· You've worked 100 hours this month and 20 of these were overtime

Calculating the final bill:

80 * 100 = 8,000 plus your overtime of 20 * 200 = 4,000

Simply attach the above calculation to your bill. Then your client will know how you arrived at your final bill.

Your total bill:


How to do this in Worksome

In Worksome you go to the conversation with your client and create a new bill.

Once you're there you should see this window pop up:

If you're unsure how to add your overtime just reach out to our support team and we're ready to help you!

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