With Worksome's Instapay solution you'll be able to get your money instantly. Happy days! 💃🏻

This is how it Works
Once your bill is created and approved in Worksome you'll be able to request upfront payment. See below screenshot:

Look for the 'Approved' tag, and if you're good to go press 'Get your Payout Now' button. If you're not seeing the button it's most likely because your client hasn't been approved for Instapay. Reach out to our support team to request client approval for Instapay.

When clicking 'Get your Payout Now' you'll see the following screen pop up:

Be sure to read through Instapay terms and conditions and take note that the fee for using Instapay is 2,9% of whatever amount you decide to pay upfront.

Also, note the two different options for your Instapay settings:
You can choose to either sign all future payments up for Instapay or choose to only use Instapay for this payment. You can always change these settings later if needed.

If you decide not to use Worksome Instapay you'll be paid according to payment terms in your contract. If you are unsure of your payment terms on your contract we can help you locate these - just reach out to our support team 🤔.

Clicking 'Yes Please' will instantly free the funds in your Worksome account. Go to your balance to withdraw funds to your bank account. 💵

As always, we're here to help and you can always reach us by chat, email, or phone if you have questions regarding Instapay (or anything else) 😊.

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