This guide takes you through how to change a contract already in effect.

1. Find the contract in Worksome

You do this by going to the conversation you have in your account with the freelancer on the particular job.

Go to the job:

Click the green button to go to the conversation with the freelancer.

2. Once in the conversation page you can click contract details

The conversation with each freelancer on each job is your one-stop-shop for editing and managing everything related to that specific hire.

Click contract details to review and change the contract details.

This will bring up the contract details page:

To make changes click request changes.

When you make changes to the contract which affect the working relationship between your company and the freelancer, the freelancer will have to review the changes and accept them.

Several things can be edited:

  • Address / Workplace

  • Payment terms

  • Timeframe

  • You company name

  • CRN

  • Primary contact

  • Company address

  • PO number (won’t require freelancer review)

3. To edit, simply click edit in the box next to the field you want to edit

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