Worksome Enterprise customers can now manage recruitment suppliers in your Worksome account. This way, Worksome will pay the recruiter fees automatically to your trusted suppliers, so recruiters no longer need to invoice you for margin.

Learn how to do this, here:

1. Getting started

Log into your Worksome account and click the drop down menu in the right top corner of your screen (your company logo should be here!):

2. Click on "Recruiters"

Now you’re in your Recruiter Preferred Supplier List (PSL) page in Worksome. This page gives you an overview of all of your Recruiter contacts, their names and any tags. You can add and manage your recruiters from this page.

3. Click on Add Recruiter

A form will appear where you can put in relevant information about the recruiter, and a message to go along with their invitation.

Tags are not required, but these are necessary for you to be able to sort and search for your recruiters at a later stage. Therefore it’s highly recommended that you take the time to add tags to your recruiters. 

Click 'save' to invite your Recruiter contact. Your Recruiter contacts will now receive an invite email to join Worksome so that you can attribute them to a contract. Worksome can then pay the margin and track ownership of the candidates for you!

Learn how to attribute a recruiter to an external worker contract here.

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