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Tips for getting hired via our Marketplace
Tips for getting hired via our Marketplace

4 changes you can make now, to secure more contracts tomorrow

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1. Be chatty

The best way to secure a role is to get chatting with the hiring manager. Find out exactly what they want from a contractor.

Don't forget to sell yourself. If you are the perfect fit, tell them why. What relevant experience fo you have? Are you particularly passionate about their sector, or industry? Are your skills a great fit?

2. Relevant skills

Make sure that the skills you have put down are relevant, and specific. Make sure they relate to your core competencies as our algorithm matches based on skills, so irrelevant skills = irrelevant matches.

3. Make sure that the price is right

Make sure that your price is close to the range mentioned in the job post. If they are willing to spend $2000, don't put in a bid for $10,000.

BUT please remember that the beauty of Worksome, is that you can negotiate directly with the company.

4. Customise, customise, customise

Make sure that whenever you're in contact with a company, to highlight why you are a fit for them. Tailor your message to apply to the specific role.

Please don't copy and paste!!


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