Here we'll walk you through creating a great profile on Worksome in a few easy steps.

1. Sign up to Worksome here.

Choose how you want to register. You can sign up using your email address, or via your LinkedIn or Google account:

2. Select your Profile Type

This is to tell us, if you're an external worker looking for work, or a company looking to hire. To sign up as a worker, select WORK:

3. Time for the details!

Our sign-up flow will now take you through all the details you'll need to create a great profile πŸ’ͺ

You can choose to create your profile manually OR let our CV robot do the work and import your CV to your profile:

4. Adding Your Skills

This step is super important. Our most booked people have specific skill sets. So it's best to focus on your specialisms here, making sure to also add any software/languages that you work with. We recommend having 7-10 skills on your profile.
Note: the order of your skills is important. Start with the most important and specific skills, as this does impact our job matching algorithm.

5. Flash a smile! πŸ“Έ

Add a photo of yourself. We ask all our workers to add this, as we've found this can be a real help when communicating with clients regarding jobs, if they can see your face, and who they will be working with πŸ€—

6. Tell us more!

Here is your time to shiiiiiine 🀩
Why should someone hire you? Show off a bit, make it memorable.

7. Set your price & preference πŸ’Έ

Tell us your desired rate: this can be hourly, daily and/or monthly, and the type of jobs you're looking for.

8. Set your availability πŸ“†

Tell us your availability, and your experience level.
To make sure you only get jobs you are able to do!

9. Languages

If you speak any additional languages, let us know!

10. Add your CV/Resume and links to your website, portfolio etc.

To be approved, we do require you to add your CV/Resume or LinkedIn (or both!) that displays your proven experience in your specialism.

You can either upload your CV/Resume, or add a link to your LinkedIn profile.

If you specialise in any creative areas (writing, design, photography, etc) be sure to also add a link to your Portfolio or Website πŸŽ¨πŸ“š

11. And now the Boring bits...

Luckily it only takes a few seconds! Just make sure all the information you add here is correct so that we can match you to jobs in your area, and let you know whenever we have found new matches for you πŸ“¨

Note: Worksome is currently live in the UK, US, Denmark, Norway and Lithuania, and we can only approve external workers based in our markets. But we are growing very quickly, and we hope to be able to expand to more countries as soon as we can πŸš€
If you have any queries on this, feel free to message our friendly support team! Just hit the webchat button in the bottom right corner, or email


Your profile will now go to our Approvals Team, and if you've met all the requirements above, you'll receive an email as soon as you're approved (typically within 24 working hours). We look forward to welcoming you on Worksome!

If you have any queries, just reach out to our team πŸ‘ on, or hit the chat button on the bottom-right corner.

Note: If you need to edit or add more to your Profile later on, just head to your Public profile page in Worksome below - you'll be able to update your profile at any time πŸ“

Any questions?

Message us on, or hit the chat button to your right!

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