1. Sign up

Sign up here.
Pick how you want to sign up. We have integrations with LinkedIn and Google or you can simply sign up with your email.

We even have a bot that can import your CV and get the profile started.

2. Skills

This step is super important. Our most booked freelancers have specific skill sets. So it's best to focus on your specialisms here, making sure to note any software/languages that you work with. We recommend having 7-10 skills on your profile. Also, the order of the skills affects the matching algorithm, so you better start with the most important and specific ones.

3. Bulk up

Add a photo of yourself.

4. Summary

Here is your time to shiiiine. Show off a bit, make it memorable.

5. Set your price

6. Set availability

Make sure you only get jobs you are free to do!

7. Languages

If you speak additional languages, let us know!

9. Boring bits

Make sure all info here is correct so we can match you to jobs in your area, and let you know when er have found a match for you!

10. DONE!

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