Worksome is a platform that makes your recruitment of freelancers quick, efficient, and agile, by matching talent and competencies with your specific needs.

That's all well and good, but how do I get started, you might ask?

Great question, and in fact it's designed to be as easy as possible for you to find the best talent on our Marketplace.

You have one job to do

To get your search for freelance talent started all you need to do is to create a job on Worksome. Then the algorithm will do the rest of the work for you by matching talent to your job post. The interested candidates will reach out to you with an application and bid.

Everything you add in the job post will form the basis of the contract between your company and the freelancer. It's two birds with one stone. šŸ˜Š

Let's get started!

1. Go to your Worksome Frontpage

(It should look like the window below)

2. Then click the 'Create Job' button

3. Start by giving your job a title and add skills

See example below: Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen, Onsite, 6 months.

The skills are very important as we use them for matching the job with relevant freelancers. Also, the order of skills affects the matching so put the most important and specific first.

4. Add a comprehensive description of the project.

The description is also included as part of the contract between your company and the freelancer you end up hiring. Therefore, the more detail you can add here the better.

5. Outline the scope

The first step is to tell the freelancers what type of role you are looking to fill.

You have 3 options: one-time project, on-going part-time or full-time contractor.

IMPORTANT: If part-time, remember to describe how many hours per week (roughly) you expect the freelancer to work on your project.

In this step, you also have to specify the level of seniority for your hire and decide where the work should take place. You have three options regarding location: At Location Only (On-site), Local remote, or 100% remote.

Location selection is important since it specifies where the consultants are located and who matches the job.

8. Final details

Next up, you'll see the below screen This is where you define when the project is starting and finishing. This info will also be part of the final contract.

You also have to decide how you'd like to pay and select a price range.
You have 3 options: Hourly rate, daily rate, monthly or select 'not sure' if you just want freelancers to send you a bid.

11. Specify who you'd like to post the job for

You can post the job on Worksome's Marketplace or in your own database (Trusted Contacts) or both. Both options allow you to either invite specific freelancers or post for everyone to see and apply for the role.

Posting to Worksome's marketplace is the option you want to go for if you want to look for talent outside of your own portfolio of Trusted Contacts. The system will automatically notify those freelancers in the marketplace who match the skills you are looking for.


If you have selected to post your job on Worksome's Marketplace your job is now pending approval. If everything is good to go your job will be approved right away. If we need further info before we can publish and approve the post, you'll be contacted by your Worksome account manager ASAP.

As always you can contact us via our live chat or by phone. We are more than happy to help you get started šŸ˜Š.

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