When you add an external worker as your Trusted Contact, we will send them an email invitation for onboarding in Worksome. Once your Trusted Contact has created their account, you’ll be able to offer them a contract - we’ll guide you through this process below. 🎉

First, go to the Trusted contacts page.

Hire one of your trusted contacts

Now you’ll see a list of all your trusted contacts and their status (active, invited or applied).

💡 NOTE: You can only hire active contacts (contacts that have logged into Worksome).

1) Use the search function and find the worker you want to hire and select Offer job from the drop-down menu.

2) Contact the worker by using an existing job post or creating a new brief.

💡 NOTE: You can search by tag, name or email. 

If you choose to use an existing job post...

You’ll be able to select one of the jobs you have created.

💡 NOTE: The job needs to have a specified rate in order for you to be able to quick-hire a trusted contact.

Once you have chosen the job and selected whether you want to attribute a recruiter to the hire, simply select Offer job which will take you to your conversation with the Trusted Contact. The contract is already created and just needs a final acceptance from the worker.

If you create a new brief…

You will be able to create a short job brief directly on the page and then select Offer job.

This will take you to the conversation where a contract is already awaiting final acceptance from the Trusted Contact.

3) Review the contract

This is the page you'll get to once you have clicked Offer job.

Everything's done! 🚀 Your Trusted Contact will have received an email with the contract to accept. You can access the contract details and continue the conversation with the worker at any time.

If you have any questions, our friendly Support Team are ready to assist you further. Feel free to reach out via the live chat button and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 🤗

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