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There are 3 ways to add trusted contacts to your Worksome account.

  1. Single upload

  2. Sending An Invite link 

  3. Bulk upload

Below you’ll find a guide for each of the 3 ways to add trusted contacts. 

But first we will show you how to get started with managing your trusted contracts

Getting started

Log into your account and click the Freelancer tab in the panel on the left

Click the Managed Trusted Contacts button

Now you’re in your trusted contact page on Worksome. This page gives you an overview of all trusted contacts, their names, and tags. You can edit, upload, and hire trusted contacts from this page. 

1. Single upload

First: go to you trusted contacts page here

1.1 Click the add freelancer button

1. 2. Add the freelancer’s name, email, invite note and tags.

IMPORTANT: Remember to add tags so you can search for the freelancers' main skill at a later stage.

1.3. Click 'save' to invite your trusted contact.

You’re done inviting your trusted contact

The 3rd and final way to invite freelancers as part of your trusted contacts is to send them an invitation link. 

First: Go to your trusted contacts page here

2. 1.  Click to Get invite link

2. 2. Copy invitation link and send it however you’d like 

3. Bulk upload

This is the easiest and most efficient way to upload trusted contacts. To use this method for uploading you need to set up a CSV file with the names, emails, and tags you want to upload. 

See this guide for creating a CSV file. 

Now, back to the bulk upload.

3. 1. Click the 3 dots to the right as shown below: 

3. 2. Add your CSV file and remember to have all three columns as part of the data


Tags are not required, but these are necessary for you to be able to sort and search for your trusted contacts at later stages. Therefore it’s highly recommended that you take the time to add tags to your trusted contacts. 

3. 3. Uploading the CSV 

Click ‘Upload .CSV file’ 

3. 4. Write an invitation, review and then invite

Your contacts will now receive an invite email.

Now you know everything.... (about inviting trusted contracts 😆)

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