Make a contract through Worksome

When you agree a job offer with a company or freelancer, it must be done through Worksome. In cases where you have had a conversation, and possibly a negotiation, outside of Worksome (e.g. via email or telephone) be sure to formalise the contract in Worksome (meaning, as a freelancer you submit your bid on the job, and as a company you accept a bid). This formalises the terms of the agreement between you both, and creates a standard contract for the work. We advise contractors not to start working before the bid and contract has been accepted.

Process payment through Worksome

All payments and billing must go through Worksome. When a freelancer is ready to create a bill for a job in Worksome, this can done in the conversation for the job in Worksome. When the bill is created we will automatically generate an invoice to the client - this way you donโ€™t have to think twice about invoices, we'll handle it for you both, and collect payment. In any case where a user suggests to you that payment is made outside of Worksome, simplyย reject this and let us know immediately. You can also reach us by clicking on the chat button in the lower-right corner.

Keep your promises

When you agree on a job/contract in Worksome, it's important that you live up to the contract and deliver on what you have agreed upon. Therefore, make sure both parties are clear on deliverables, deadlines etc., before finalising the contract and allowing the work to begin. As a freelancer, do not bids on jobs for which you are not qualified.ย 

Bid only on behalf of yourself

You are not allowed to bid on jobs on behalf of a company or on behalf of others. Only bid on jobs you are qualified for, based on your own skills and on behalf of yourself. Your profile as a freelancer should also solely reflect your own skills, experience and abilities.ย 

Spam and harassment

Your bids and your conversations must be relevant and personal. As a freelancer, take time to customise your applications for each job, as it leaves a much better impression on potential customers and increases your chances of getting hired for the job. If you just copy & paste the same message to many different companies, it will be considered spam.

If the above rules are not complied with, your account may be suspended without notice.ย 

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