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Optimise your profile and join the first row on our marketplace🏆
Optimise your profile and join the first row on our marketplace🏆

How to maximise your chances of getting jobs through Worksome

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We at Worksome have several sophisticated algorithms that we constantly optimise to match the right people with the right jobs, and to deliver the most relevant results when you search.

All data associated with your profile will be processed, and used in search results and job matches. This means that everything you include in your profile as well as your actions on the platform are very important. This page gives you advice on how to make your profile stand out and rank highly among others in search results.

1. Your skills are the most important factor

You can add as many skills on your profile as you’d like as this helps our algorithm analyse your profile and match you to jobs that you’re well-suited to. Here you can see how your selection of competencies affects your match:

  • Number. The optimal number of competencies on your profile is between 10 and 16. Too few competencies give fewer matches and too many competences dilute your match on the individual competencies.

  • Order. The order of the competencies you list is used to interpret your proficiency for them. So you should start with your strongest skills and list them from highest - lowest / most - least relevant.

  • Focus. If your competencies are focused within a particular field, it will affect your ranking in a positive way. If your competencies are spread across multiple distant categories, it will affect your ranking negatively. Example of a collection of focused competencies: Graphic Design, Digital Design, Concept Development, Visual Identity, Art Direction Example of a collection of scattered skills: Technical Project Management, Photo & Video, Social Media, SQL Server

  • Job title. Include one or more primary competencies in your job title. We recommend a convincing and descriptive job title. Examples of good job titles are: Journalist with experience in PR and copywriting; Angular expert with 10 years of experience within web development; CFO specialised in financial statements ready for interim projects We may edit or hide a job title that only contains competencies. Don’t create a job title like this one :) Photoshop ☆ Design ☆ Photo ☆ Illustrator ☆ UX

  • Niche and professionalism. Also, remember to add your niche skills. It may for example be tools, technologies, or methods you are familiar with or have experience with. Some competencies are so broad that they are of little importance in our matching. Examples are Consultancy, Communication, Coordination. You should either omit the very broad competencies or make them more specific, like Technical Consultancy instead of Consultancy. In addition, the competences must have professionalism in order to be relevant. Therefore, do not insert words like Reliable or Quick learner in your competencies. You can use this type of competencies in your description on your profile.

  • Job experience. When you add experience to your profile, you can add skills that you have used in that particular job or project. In this way, if you have experience with a skill, it will be beneficial for you in our algorithms.

2. Make your profile content-rich and gain clients and high rankings

The more content you have on your profile, the more likely it will be that you’ll be hired. Therefore, we reward extensively created profiles with a higher ranking.

Here's how to optimise your profile with more content:

  • Write a good description that is long enough to get insight into your background, job function, experience, and personality.

  • Add at least 10 competencies.

  • Add alternative job titles.

  • Add both a profile picture and a cover image.

  • Add your educational background.

  • Add relevant job experience and projects.

  • Add a link to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Add links to relevant external pages. Such as your own website, your portfolio, references and so on.

  • Upload a PDF of your CV. Even if you have links your LinkedIn profile too.

  • Specify what type of jobs you are interested in - small or large projects, part-time or full-time affiliation

  • Choose when you're ready to take a job - immediately, one week promotion, one month promotion or from a specific date.

  • Indicate your level of experience in a number of years. Remember to include professional experience.

  • Enter your language skills 

  • Enter your address and your VAT number.

3. Gain jobs and good ratings

When you get a job through Worksome, your profile will be ranked higher than profiles that haven’t done so. If you have a good rating, you’ll be promoted even more. That’s why your first job and rating through Worksome is especially valuable; the first job makes it easier to get more.

Here’s how to ensure you receive good ratings:

  • Stay on Worksome and handle billing through our integrated process on the platform - that way you’ll be able to showcase your experience from the job on your profile and receive a rating..

  • Use our bonus program to refer to an existing customer and let them hire you through Worksome. It gives you a job to showcase on your profile at Worksome and you do not have to pay commission because you receive the same amount in bonus for the referral.

  • Make extra effort in your conversations and offers to win your first job. Be sure to provide relevant information to the companies and only apply for relevant jobs.

  • Give the company a good experience to ensure a good rating.

  • If the company forgets to give you a rating of a job you've completed, encourage them to get back and write a review or just give a rating by click on the number of stars, they think you deserve.

4. Be relevant and thorough in your conversations and offers

Our algorithm is continuously being expanded and in future updates, we’re working on including data about your behaviour on the platform. Therefore, you’ll be able to optimise your profile’s ranking with your behaviour.

  • First of all, you should appear as relevant and suitable for the company as possible.

  • Avoid getting too many rejections or starting many conversations that do not lead to a job. This is done by limiting your number of offers and focusing only on jobs you expect to be suitable for and thereby have the best chances of getting.

  • Avoid saying too little in your first messages to a company. Moreover, you should introduce yourself in a polite way while detailing why you’d be a good fit for the job. What experiences, skills and past jobs make you stand out from the rest? It’s important to remember that companies won’t always look through every profile, so including these details in your opening message is essential.


You now have 4 areas that you can work on in order get to the top of search results and job matching at Worksome. We hope that it will help you enjoy Worksome even more! If you find that your ranking doesn’t change after you made an update, please be aware that it may take some time for your updated profile to find its way to the algorithm :) If you have questions or feedback, you are always welcome to contact us. Click on the chat button in the right corner at the bottom of the website or see our contact info here.

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