1. What is Worksome?
2. How does it work?

πŸ”Ή For Freelancers

πŸ”Ή For Companies

3. Is Worksome for remote or on-site work?
4. What types of jobs and tasks can I find on Worksome?
5. What professions do Worksome cover?

6. What does it cost to use Worksome?

1. What is Worksome?

Worksome is a platform that enables companies to easily find & hire specialists and freelancers on flexible terms. We're the future platform for flexible labour where companies can find the highly skilled and specialized competences needed, on a freelance basis, and specialists can create their own efficient, flexible and well-paid work life based on their needs and skill sets.

2. How does it work? πŸ‘‡

Worksome for Freelancers:

We at Worksome make it possible for you to find jobs with full transparency on price, contract terms, and billing. To make this possible, all freelancers joining us will need to add your business entity information, which you can find out more about here.

The first step is to Create your Freelancer Profile - be sure to include a strong description of your skills, experience, and the field/profession you specialise in. Our sophisticated algorithms will use this information to match you to jobs - you’ll be able to receive notifications whenever a relevant job matching your profile is posted, and you're also able to search yourself on all posted jobs on Worksome πŸ™Œ

When you’ve found an interesting job, you apply by submitting what we call a 'bid' for the job. A bid is your rate or fee for the project/task at hand. By submitting a bid for a job, you start a direct conversation with the company and can discuss and negotiate an agreement in Worksome. Once a company accepts your bid, we'll help by generating a standard contract between you both, and the work can begin!

Need more information? Check out our Freelancer FAQs πŸ‘©β€πŸ’».

Worksome for Companies:

We enable you to find and hire the best freelancers for your projects. You’ll have the ability to view freelancer profiles, ratings, and previously completed work, all for a fair and transparent price.

The first step is to Create a Company Profile. This is just a few quick details about your company, and then you're ready to Post your First Job! When posting a job, our flow will guide you through all the details we need about the role. You'll need to include a detailed description of the task required, and the scope of the project. You'll also be able to set a budget for the role, whether that's an estimate on hourly rate or the budget for the entire project. Once your job post is approved, we do the heavy lifting πŸ’ͺ We'll automatically send notifications to our freelancers who are best fitted & matched to the task, and they'll be able to reach out to you and apply in Worksome πŸ™Œ

From that point, it’s up to the freelancers to choose whether to accept your price or make their own offer. You're also free to search through our ever-growing catalogue of freelancers and invite specific people to apply to your job.

When posting your job, you can choose to make it visible to everyone on the platform; or choose to make it 'invitation only', which means only freelancers you invite to the job can see it & apply.

When the job is completed, the freelancer will create a bill in Worksome, and we'll automatically send you an invoice from us to pay the freelancer.

Need more information? Check out our Company FAQs πŸ‘©β€πŸ’».

3. Is Worksome for remote jobs or on-site work?

We usually specialise in on-site working, and love finding highly skilled specialists and matching them with local businesses. This is because innovative companies need people who can understand their business, realise their goals and work closely with them.

But we recognise the needs of companies and freelancers is changing, so companies can specify in their job post whether a role is on-site, remote, or a mix of the two πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

4. What types of jobs and tasks can I find on Worksome?

At Worksome, you can find both longer-term projects, and shorter simple tasks. Common to all tasks and jobs is that they are knowledge-intensive and require highly skilled people to solve them. Once you've created an account, you'll be able to browse through our current job posts.

5. What professions do Worksome cover?

We embrace all highly skilled freelancers who specialise in knowledge-intensive and/or creative areas. At Worksome, you can find all kinds of professionals; from photographers, marketing specialists and designers, to lawyers, engineers and IT developers.

6. What does it cost to use Worksome?

For Freelancers:

It's completely free to create an account & search/apply for jobs on Worksome. Only when you secure a job through Worksome, then there would be a small service fee of 4% deducted from the payments you receive.

Note: If you were invited to join Worksome by your client, your terms may be different, and in many cases, there will be zero cost to you. If you have any questions on that, just reach out to our friendly support team πŸ‘‹

For Companies:

It's completely free to create an account & post jobs on Worksome. Only when you successfully hire through Worksome, then there would be a small service fee added onto the invoices you receive from us for your freelancer. We have a competitive low fee for hires in our marketplace (4%). If you are a large enterprise or agency, there are bespoke plans & pricing offers available so please reach out to us for more details on pricing.

Note: If you're a Large Enterprise or Agency, contact us for information on how we can help you access the Worksome Freelance Marketplace and manage your entire freelance workforce using Worksome’s Freelance Management System πŸ’ͺ

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